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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Almerra?

Winds of Almerra has many cultures, some originating from a religion, some an idealistic vision of a grand civilization, and some simply looking to survive by any means.  

The world features 60 mi² of fully detailed, traverse-able ocean and land inhabited by all manners of nature and civilization from undeveloped tribes surviving in harsh rainforests to sprawling city-states with sophisticated government and architecture.  Many will need to depend on each other to thrive.  The player's leadership thru combat and choices can alter the course of history for all.

Winds of Almerra is a medley of make different game mechanics and designs that are a throwback to many classics.  The over world experience and dynamics of an RTS game like Age of Empires or Total War, with the environmental variety and interactivity of Elder Scrolls and sheer size and openess of Arma.  The combat melee, ranged, and cavalry focus of a game like Warband but with the exploration of Skyrim.  

Take up mercenaries and raid villages for your own humor, join a guard and fend off invading nations, or buy a merchant vessel and make your money on the high seas.  Experience the journey of a wandering sea raider across the ocean, the struggles of a samurai caught between feuding families, or a daring cataphract who would cross the widest desert and the largest battle lines for his kin.

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