The launcher is now somewhat functional, but more work is needed on the backend to make updating easier in the future.  The Launcher is for the game both to update the game itself as well as manage base game graphics settings.

The game (and the launcher) are currently only Pre-Alpha, Many systems are still being setup, like combat, properly use inventory buttons, etc.  Not even this Downloader works perfectly yet, lol.  I've disabled the download above until the major kinks are worked out and don't cause fires anymore.  Few more github commits should do the trick so, good news the Launcher is synced with github and will enable you to download the latest builds at any time in the future.  


The github page will be there when it's ready so if you desire you can sync with the repository to make future updates to everything that much easier.  


Latest builds of the game are being published regularly as well, but not all of them are submitted to the drive online.  The packaged build notes are located here.

If you'd like to provide feedback or notes you can send them to the support email address here.

© 2016 by David Miller

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