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Welcome to the Winds of Almerra Website!

Greetings Travelers!

This is the new site for the upcoming medieval adventure game, Winds of Almerra. This development blog is going to have all the latest info on what I'm working on and how the systems for the game are shaping up. It's a long road ahead, but there's a lot of things already setup and working which I'm very happy about. To start off the first blog, I'll add a few pics to show what's working correctly.

This is the first working village in the game's world, Rhougan Village. It houses about 14 working villagers that are operating on an AI schedule looking for enemies, time of day, the amount of resources in their home, and their own exposure rate from working. Each of these variables affect the AI's decisions on what the NPC should be doing. If the resources in their home are low, they go gathering. If there are enemies, they attack and loiter around guard points for a time after, until they go back to the loop. Many animations still need to be setup to make it look good, but once it does there will be some good times :-)

Until next time!


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