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Putting AI to Work

So A major part of this game's fun-or-notness is the AI and it's ability to carry out their daily lives as if they were real inhabitants of the antiquated world. Each nation has it's own Enum that I can set when placing the citizen actor in the engine, depending on what nation I choose there will affect the aggro and when to go into combat, etc. These same checks are also run against the player and which nation you build reputation with and it's reading that back beautifully. After the aggro check for nations the AI go about their business, depending on another Enum, their profession. If I set them as a Guard they simply walk around the Ai Waypoints I specify as Guard Posts for a nice little guard behavior. If their profession is mining or woodoworkring they go do that activity well enough (still need anims for all those acitivies).

They also use their own beds that I call out whenever the Clouds actor I use to control the sun and weather says it's nighttime. This is where I'm stil planning some evil do-ery. Outlaws and bandits might not want to attack a village during the day, so they might just need to choose a nighttime attack with torches to get their loot. Still working on that element, but this will begin to form what each nation uses for military tactics. :-) They each will have different resources and therefore different weaponry and clothing and talents, so all of these factors will play into how I create the next sets of equipment. I hope to make some short videos once I figure out which software works best, recording 4k editor with 4k video is insane.

Until next time.


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