Alyssakin Freetribe


Alyssakin carry on the old ways of the Alyssakin Freetribe, focusing their lives into their spears.  They hunt with spears, fish with spears and live off the far reaching lands of the world.  The Alyssakin have developed their own styles of ship creation and combat, making them a versatile foe in any battle.  Their civilization has problems with bandits and finding natural minerals, but, being ungoverned, also have no respect among any other nations.


Rowani Empire


The Rowani occupy the old city of Peruge, which was slowly rebuilt over the last 5 years as most of the city was destroyed. Unfortunately many peoples suffer in this nation under the rule of Emporer Sepitus, who seeks to rebuild the old kingdom in his own vision.  The Rowani possess the greatest amount of natural resources in their lands, but the nation is constantly engulfed in civil war.


Republic of Graata


The Graata are a democratic Republic in the northeastern corners of the world, and are the second largest continent of Almerra.  The Republic of Graata has been at war with the Rowani since the Great Migration, headed by a council of elected Lords from the surrounding lands.  Graatian Lords have long been trying to help overthrow the reign of the Rowani Emporer Sepitus to help restore balance to the world, but they face constant adversity in the seas from the Neagese to their North.


Neagese Dynasty


The Neagese are a hardy nation of swordsmen and survivors that live in the harsh frozen northern lands of Almerra.  They have talent with building hardy ships to help resist the extreme climate, but are also very stubborn as a people.  Their nation is ruled by a democratic round-table of Lords, each with their own motivations and relations.  The Neagese trade with the Rowani almost exclusively due to their shared faith in the Sect of the 8 Gods.  Some of the Lords hold grudges against the Graata, and constantly cause them problems.


Kingdom of Monaya


The Monayans have lived in near-isolation to the Southeast of the rest of Almerra for centuries.  A godless mountain-dwelling people, the Monayans are the most creative in their engineering and in their art forms.  The Monaya are talented swimmers and fighters, but face problems with natural resources being raided by bandits and Rowani forces.  Mons trade with and have a fairly positive relationship with the Graata, but are typically more isolated and untraveled culturally.


Other Tribes

Other various smaller groups also inhabit the world, but have no or loose ties to the events in the world.  These may be neutral villages, tribes of bandits or ex-military deserters.  They will also have areas of interest in their regions but will not be a selectable homeland.