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About Almerra

What is Almerra?

Almerra is an open-world, iron age action rpg that puts the player in command of the conquest of rival nations with troops, cavalry and naval vessels thru branching storylines, battles and historically-based events.

The vast, unforgiving lands of Almerra are built on the unique islands and continents scattered across the oceanic world.  A diverse set of climates separate the landscapes ranging from dry hot deserts to swampy jungles and frozen northlands.  Many cultures inhabit the world and learning how to effectively cooperate or conquer these rivals will be the deciding factor in which peoples suffer and which ones prosper.  

Supported by a fully open-world environment, real-time actions can alter the history of any nation from global superpower to national tragedy.  Governance, Military and Economical decisions drive the development of each Nation as the player's choices become pivotal events thru the march of time.  Who will rise?  Who will fall?


The Peoples of Almerra

Winds of Almerra has many cultures, some originating from a religion, some an idealistic vision of a grand civilization, and some simply looking to survive by any means.  

The world features over 60 mi² of fully detailed, traverse-able ocean and land inhabited by all manners of nature and civilization from undeveloped tribes surviving in harsh rainforests to sprawling city-states with sophisticated government and architecture.  Many will need to depend on each other to thrive.  The player's leadership thru combat and choices can alter the course of history for all.


Procedural Economies and Conquest

At the heart of Almerra is the desire for a fully-living iron age world driven by global conquest.  Every city and capitol act as their own power--much like a traditional RTS strategy game like in Age of Empires.  Each hinges on it's ability to feed its people, protect itself thru defenses, and by establishing trade and a healthy economy to achieve prosperity and population.

Nations wage wars thru raids, sieges and naval engagements in real-time, seamless combat.  Command or lead, fight or flight, attack or ambush, sea or land.

Conquer or be conquered.

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