About Almerra

Here's a few answers to the most basic questions about the game:

What is Almerra?

Almerra is a vast, oceanic world inhabited with peoples of the bronze and iron age.  Long ago, a massive hurricane destroyed the greatest city known at the time--the City of Peruge.  A period of Great Migration immediately followed the event and as the peoples of Almerra grew further apart, so did their tolerance and respect for each other.  The independent corners of the world gradually grew back into competing nations and War became inevitable.  As a young citizen, you must learn to adapt and fend for yourself in an inforgiving, wild land as you find your place in the world.

Who are peoples of Almerra?

The World of Almerra has many inhabitants, some striving to belong to a religion, some to an idealistic vision of a grand civilization, some to enslave workers for their own greed, and some simply looking to survive by any means.  You will begin your journey on a Native Almerran island, mostly settled by the peaceful Alyssakin Freetribe. To understand these dynamic lands you'll need to first know some history behind the nations of Almerra.  

What nations exist in Almerra?

The Alyssakin are an old name for the native peoples scattered around the world of Almerra.  The Alyssakin Freetribe settled most of the known world and had built a wondrous civilization decades before the current day of the year 417 in the Third Age.  

The great storm of 412 ended the Second Age by destroying the largest capital city, Peruge, scattering its inhabitants and plunging history into chaos during a period later known as the Great Migration.  During this time, the inhabitants of the world of Almerra created their own lives in the nether regions of the known world and life diversified.  Some developed new ways of life in frozen regions, some strove to conquer far unknown lands, and some stayed to rebuild.  In the current day, there are 5 large nations but numerous small isolated settlements.  

Head over to the Nations page to learn more about the inhabitants of the world of Almerra

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